Arco Art - Janice Huckaby

Artist Bio

Janice came from Texas in 1991 to work as an  underwater photographer for the Divi Flamingo Resort  in Bonaire. So photography was the first art-form she
explored. It began as a hobby, but before long she became a professional photographer. In her spare time she kept on doing what she had always loved
doing, namely coloring and drawing. And as time passed photography evolved into painting, which is now her full-time occupation. In 1997 she established
the "JAN ART GALLERY". Apart from selling her own art-works, she also sells art supplies to anyone in need thereof.

Born with art
Asked why she thinks Bonairean art is always so colorful, she explains that Bonaire itself is full of color. Color is Jan’s style, but her style fits Bonaire’s nature and culture. Buildings are colorful, Bonaire’s underwater world is colorful, the sun brings out the colors.

So naturally Bonairean art is full of color. In countries like Canada or Holland artists tend to use shades of grey, white, brown and some green, but much less color for the simple reason that their nature is less colorful. ‘Sunshine makes happier people and more colors’, she says.


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