Yobe awa, zona dushi
riba daknan di nos kas
Muha tera ku bo gotonan
di pèrla i di eis.

Bo finesa i blankura
ta sin par i sin igual.
Bo dulsura na nos boka
ta un delisia selestial.

Awaseru, gran limpiesa
pa nos kurpa i nos kas.
Bo ta kita ku bo forsa
manchanan sin laga tras.

Bo t’e Tata protektor
pa nos hòfi i mondinan.
Ku bo forsa bo ta yena
blachi, flor i frutanan.

Animalnan ta gritando
di amor i gratitut.
Paranan ta hubilando
den un sierto aktitut.

Honor na bo, o dushi awa,
basha manda hopi flor.
Pa mi ofresé na mi mama
i tambe un pa mi amor.


Cecilia Everts, eskritor Boneriano

E poesia aki a wòrdu poné na músika pa Freddy G. Gumbs & Papi Lomp (ku ayudo di Marlon Wawoe).
Melodia i kanto pa: Freddy G. Gumps



  • Turdukulova - 27 July 2015

    Your smile could brighten up a room in an innatst. It was always fun to see you around the holidays and hear your jokes. The love, kindness and giveing spirit you gave will be missed greatly. Thank you for shareing your beautful life with our family and giveing us a wonderful daughter and sister in law. Nancy and Andre miss you greatly and you have a extremely special place in there hearts and lives. God must have felt your work on earth was done so now you will be one of his most beloved angels and watch over all your family and friends . Madeline your family and friends will remember you always, look past the bad times and cherish greatly the good times and laughs we all shared with you!  May the light of your life be with us always now and forever!

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