The Bottom, Saba (SNA): A two day food handlers workshop was recently held on the island of Saba and according to Head of the Public Health Department Dr. Gys Koot, the workshop can be considered to have been a great success.

Dr. Koot told SNA that he is extremely satisfied with the results of the workshop. It was well attended, the participants were very enthusiastic. For many of the participants this was the first time that they participated in a food handlers workshop.  95% of the participants who attended work in the food handling business and they were all happy with the level of the workshop which was conducted by Mr. Cedric Ortega and Ms. Maria van Heijningen from the Hygiene Department of the Island Government of St. Maarten.
Dr. Koot explained that hopefully in the next 6 months another workshop will be organized on the island and those that were unable to attend this one will be able to attend then, as it is mandatory for all persons working in the food handling business to attend these workshops.

This is about food safety and the department will continue to do its best to make sure that these types of workshops will be organized regularly. During the workshop it was extremely important for all food handlers to be aware how important it is for them to know that they should wash their hands at all times.
Both Mr. Ortega and Ms. van Heijningen also accompanied our own Inspectress of Hygiene Ms. Cassandra Wilson to several business places on Monday morning. We will continue to carry out our inspections at all business places on the island Dr. Koot stressed. The quality of the workshop was on a very high standard and we expect for all participants to observe what they have been taught during the workshops which was held on Saturday and Sunday. Business managers attended the workshop on Saturday and employees attended on Sunday where there were two sessions.

Photo: Mr. Cedric Ortega in discussion with managers of the food handling business places on the island at the Sunny Valley Youth Center in The Bottom.
Photo by Dave Levenstone for SNA.



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  • Guy - 26 July 2015

    Apparently almost nobdoy was aware of the legal aspects of making publicity stating that Saba was a safe place to dive thanks to the hyperbaric chamber while this was not true anymore. If the Reclame Code Commissie would have been aware of this false statement by not only the SCF but also other organisations, the fine that the SCF would have to be paid would have been a considerable amount of euros and apart from that the touristic and diving reputation of Saba would have been damaged in an enormeous way. Thank you Saban government for having taken action. But be also aware of the fact that at the airport and on many other places the flyer of the SCF is still making this statement of safe diving thanks to the hyperbaric chamber which is   since a couple of years   a false statement and open for legally and financialy very negative consequences. So either force the SCF to remove all folders or   better   repair the hyperbaric chamber a.s.a.p. and find a new construction for managing this chamber.

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