We set out from Santa Fé, a village near Havana.
Where else? Without faith, nothing is accomplished.
This is as much a spiritual pilgrimage as anything else.

The biggest problem facing proponents of the Just Third Way,
which we prefer to call ´Solidarism´, is communication.
How can we explain to a public tired and wary of ideologies
that there is a better way in between Socialism and Capitalism?
How? Especially when the Solidarist economic theory appears
complicated and wrong words were used in the past to describe
and promote it.

It´s easy when you know it

The theory appears complicated, but is in fact quite simple.
It is not difficult to understand that everybody could buy the best
stocks and shares in the Stock Market, if only one could get a
loan to buy them. And everybody understands that ownership of
enough shares in the best companies would procure a second
income from capital. Because shares pay out dividends.
Who would not want to receive a second income from
dividends, if only one could acquire the shares?

But what if the Central Bank would loan you the money
and you could pay back with the dividends received?

Think about it.



  • John - 18 October 2009

    Michiel, I wish you strength in the courageous enterprise you are undertaking. I hope that the Cuban people will understand your effort, not as a critique against their country and political-economic system, but as a call to the next step on the road of economic and democratic emancipation after the stagnant socialist phase since the collapse of the Soviet bloc.

  • Ritika - 27 July 2015

    Madeline:  though we didn’t awlyas see eye-to-eye, we did have many pleasant, fun, and enjoyable moments.  And we awlyas shared one basic, common goal to love Gracie.  I am so elated for the two of you, that you were able to share, learn, enjoy, receive, and give unconditional love to one another.  You both learned so much of each other, with each other, and ultimately, for each other because after all, possessing love, and having no one with whom to share it defeats the purpose.  But, in the end, you both found that place the space shared by a mother and her child the place where a little girl could run to mommy with a scraped knee or where a woman could go to find solace on her mother’s shoulder.  A place where you learned that you could lower your defenses, because you came to understand and to know that you could trust your daughter with your life and a place where you felt safe to share your innermost thoughts feelings secrets.Yes, dear Madeline I am so happy for you that in the end, you did know that kind of love, compassion, charity, tenderness, and caring but most of all, you were able to return it in kind.You are missed already, dear lady, and you will continue to be missed and you will live on in our hearts awlyas catch a hug from my little corner of the world Bethe

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