Arco’s Logo was originally designed as a symbol of unity for the Caribbean region. As such the white ring and blue center symbolize the Sun. If you glance at the sun for an instant, you will notice that its center appears blue amid blinding light. The sun’s ubiquitous presence in our region is a fitting symbol of Caribbean unity.

The blue center of the logo at the same time symbolizes the Caribbean Sea, which naturally divides the islands. Sun and Sea are united, however, in the Caribbean People, who – when naturally mixed, or united – have a medium brown complexion. This mixing or uniting will eventually take place worldwide.

Spiritual meaning

We ordinarily believe that we think and act of our own accord. We believe that there is ‘us’ and that apart from ‘us’ (or apart from ‘me’ in the singular), there is a separate universe. This cannot be so. Nothing in the universe can be separate from anything else. All things are part of a whole. Just like a stone in a field is part of the whole field, we cannot be separate from the whole universe. We are a part of it.

The three concentric rings form a whole, a mental whole. They represent three distinguishable phases or layers of one consciousness, one Mind. There is the white outer ring of super-conscious light filtering through the brown ring of sub-consciousness to reach the blue center of self-consciousness. The process also reverses, from the blue self-conscious mind through the brown subconscious (or autonomic) mind to the white super-conscious Mind.

What seems to separate us from the super-conscious Whole (or the one super-conscious Mind) is the subconscious mind. We know subconscious mind-processes are going on within us all the time, but we have no or hardly any control or awareness of them. That is why it is called the subconscious. For instance, digestion is a subconscious process. We do not control it. So is our heart-beat. Of the functioning of our blood cells we are not even aware at all.

Most of our mind-processes, perhaps 98%, go on unconsciously, or subconsciously. This huge subconscious territory creates the illusion of separateness between our (blue) conscious selves and the (white) super-conscious Mind, or universe. In fact, however, our self-conscious mind (the blue center) is no more than a particle of the super-conscious Mind encapsulated within the (brown) subconscious mind.

The question then is: ‘What is the function of the self-conscious mind?’ We believe it is a survival device to support life within matter. At the same time it is a feedback device for the super-conscious Mind. Interaction between the two passes through the subconscious mind.

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  • BoyBob - 27 February 2011

    The Arco logo was defined profoundly and made me do some thinking.  For me, being a part of the Caribbean region, simply sees the logo as a symbol of unity of all of the Caribbeans.  As a whole region, we should see ourselves working together though we are each different from the other, we are one as a region.

  • Conolio - 01 March 2011

    Thank you for explaining the deeper meanings. I have always been fascinated by flags and symbols and what they could possibly mean or do to our subconsciousness (here we go again!). In that respect, there are some interesting Caribbean flags.

    I do like this logo. Im wondering though why you didnt mention anything about the outermost ring?
    I mean the light brown around the white. Or do you simply tie that in with the brown, inner “subconsciousness” ring?

  • anthenastanley - 16 September 2011

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  • Thiet ke logo - 04 July 2012

    Thanks for explaining details of Arco’s logo. The design is impressive but i think there are many colours in it

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