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Hydrogen Economy

The BBC reports that a hydrogen refueling station, which could be installed in the home as an alternative to visiting a petrol station, has been unveiled. Users would need a hydrogen-powered car to go with it, although the system can also be used for heating and cooking.

One of the biggest ...

False Solution: More Oil Drilling

John McCain wants the US to drill for oil offshore. This was banned long time ago for ecological reasons, but with oil prices constantly going up, politicians have to come up with solutions. So, McCain says: drill for more oil and gas. This may solve the crisis for a couple of years, until the next ...

Oil, Water, Climate & War

Disturbing analysis - alas, too accurate! - by John Gray in the Guardian/UK of March 30, 2008. A few quotations:

At present, a race for the world's resources is underway that resembles the Great Game that was played in the decades leading up to the First World War. Now, as then, the most coveted ...

WHY NOT IN BES? Solar Power.

PHOENIX, Arizona (AP) -- A Spanish company is planning to take 3 square miles of desert southwest of Phoenix and turn them into one of the largest solar power plants in the world.

A field of mirrors concentrate
the sun’s rays on a tower,
heating a liquid, which spins

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