Al-Queda is Al-Guida

We’re probably condemned as terrorists right now. But wait a minute. Let’s analyze the situation first. Then condemn us, if you must. You see, the 9/11 attacks have unleashed international unrest. It is called a war, but it’s not. It’s not a war between nations. It’s not a civil war. It’s not a Cold War. It’s not a guerilla war. It is not even a religious war. It is a violent international fermentation process required for transformation.

Now we firmly oppose ‘war as an instrument of policy’, as Dennis Kucinich rightly remarks. Wars will lead to other more bloody wars. In the end the whole world is drenched in blood as Nostradamus predicts. This is where George Bush is taking us. We are totally against this. Transformation can be achieved peacefully, as Ghandi has shown. This is and remains the only acceptable way.

In fact, even Ghandi’s way is too violent. All that is needed really is reason guided by rightly understood intuition. But to get there, sometimes strong medicine is required. If that’s the case, then the medicine must be administered homeopathically, i.e. in minute doses which will trigger the people’s inner immune system, thus effecting healing. This is Ghandi’s method. Some people die, but we do not kill nor harm. We only speak truth.

The flames of war

But Al-Queda has thrown the spark in the powder-keg already. They have unleashed the forces of destruction, providing in a materialistic way the required fuel to effect a radical and indeed much needed worldwide transformation. This is like giving the patient antibiotics. It is the only way the West and large parts of the Middle-East understands. Don’t forget, the Muslim world is the link between the West and the East.

The materialistic way is one way of healing the sick, but it is brutal. We sincerely hope the world has had enough. But this not up to us only. We can only co-operate in the healing process. We do not administer the medicine. Nor do we oppose the change. On the contrary, we advocate the change to avoid more of this brutal medicine. But if the changes are not implemented, we ourselves are the cause that the antibiotics will keep on coming. We reap as we sow. But remember, if we get too much of it, it may destroy the whole body, i.e. the whole world..

The Adversary is actually a friend

He is a friend, but assumes the face of Terror. The transformation does not have to be effected this way. It will go peacefully, as soon as we look the Adversary in the eye and understand that we are all interconnected and interdependent and that we are each other’s keepers. Ghandi said it and now Dennis Kucinich says it. Please, listen!

If we continue to spend 1.000 times more on war than on relief and aid, how can we expect the Adversary not to act? We are unbalanced. And this inevitably leads to Revolution and War. When this happens, the Adversary is really waking us up and showing us that we must re-balance. We reap as we sow.

God gives war doesn’t come to the Caribbean. But it may. All the ingredients are there. Unless we take the right action starting now, it will. When it’s here, don’t cry if you have remained inactive. Cosmic law jests not. This is not scare-mongering. There is nothing to be afraid of, only fear itself. We just have to make the necessary changes.

Work, construct new things, be positive, help. Of course, we can and must build new and beautiful things and earn a good and honest living while doing so. This is perfectly OK and legitimate. The enemy is not capitalism, but greed. Not taxation, but corruption. Not religion, but superstition. Not authority, but abuse. Not justice, but lack of wisdom and understanding.