Book Review: Out of Grief to Hope and Joy

Prognosticators claim that in life only two things are certain: Taxes and death. It’s the death of a loved one though—and particularly a spouse or life partner—that sends most folks reeling into mental, emotional, and sometimes physically challenging downward spirals of “how can I make it through this part of my life?”

Feeling left alone following the demise of a loved one is difficult for just about everyone, particularly after one has shared a life with the deceased. That’s when spouses, relatives, and friends often sink into a “funk” of sorts that is difficult and challenging to escape. As a result, one feels as if he or she has been suspended in some sort of cocoon that keeps the emotional turmoil churning with no way out. So they question, “Is there any hope?”

There is—together with a pathway out—in the form of a newly published book Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss (AuthorHouse, 2008).
From the author’s personal journey through the loss of her beloved husband, Catherine Frompovich culled what works to get through the process on a minute-by-minute, day-by-day, mental, emotional, and spiritual basis to emerge out of grief into a different life of joy and happiness. She takes you by the hand in a one-on-one tutorial to help you come to the resolve that you can make it and go on, even if you are alone.

From the back cover, the spirit of this uniquely uplifting book emerges. “This book is filled with understanding, hope and helpful ways to somehow get out of bed and simply put one foot in front of the other….. It’s a beautiful spiritual tool. This precious little book flows easily and peacefully offering simple to read and implement suggestions on steps to help mourners cope and begin to shape-shift a whole new existence.” (Jayne Howard Feldman, Author, Angels By My Side)

Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss is different and—perhaps unique—as far as books dealing with grief and grieving go. Most books in that genre tell about the sad experiences one has endured leading up to such a time, but Frompovich delicately leaves all that in the background. Rather, she chooses to concentrate on pouring out her heart and soul with what really works to go from a shattered world into the light of day. If the n

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arrative doesn’t captivate the reader, certainly the colorful and gorgeous nature photography throughout the book will make one feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Her book will not overwhelm an already bruised heart and soul.

Frompovich’s book is so easy—and comforting—to read that one will think she’s right there in your living room holding your hand, supporting you like an old friend, and gently helping you crawl out of that deep hole of sadness you have fallen into. You can feel what Catherine felt that made all the difference in triumphing over grief and the death of a spouse. As she did, you just may emerge on the other side of life feeling wonderful about what you had; that life really is a blessing; and truly worth living.