Che Guevara a stranger in Cuba

Who says we have no right to meddle in Cuba’s internal affairs. Was not Che Guevara a foreigner in Cuba? Did he not meddle? Moreover we firmly believe that Havana is the cultural and intellectual capital of the Caribbean region This is our region and there is good reason to believe that one day Havana will be the region’s political capital as well. So we have every right to be here and…. to meddle and anyway, we meddle peacefully using only the WORD.

There is no such thing as “independence” anymore. All nations are interdependent and interconnected. There was once a clear distinction between foreign affairs and home affairs. That is history. The highest political aspiration for the Caribbean region (which includes Central America) is to gain recognition as the third distinct region in the western hemisphere. The connecting link between North and South America as well as between Europe/Africa and the Americas.

Why do we do this?

Why would anybody in his right mind walk from Havana only to reach Guantanamo? We do it because we want to draw attention to Solidarism, The Just Third Way.
We know this will make an honorable and peaceful transition to freedom possible for Cuba.
We know that the liberation from this lethal feudalism between socialism and capitalism will do much to promote peace.
We know that abundance is the natural order, and that all scarcity-based economics is faulty.

Don’t contradict us without studying the proposals of binary economics thoroughly first.
We share socialism’s aim of liberating and empowering the poor. But socialism failed to deliver.The poor remained poor and even had to be oppressed to maintain the socialist system.
We share capitalism’s superior method of economic production and we combine both aim and method in a spiritual crucible of fraternal reality:
The Third Promise of the French revolution.