Cuba in the Caribbean region

The highest possible political aspiration for the Caribbean region in the modern world is to gain recognition as the third distinct Region in the Western hemisphere. We hold this opinion within the context of the fact that there is no stopping globalization. It will continue, whether we’re ready or not and whether we like it or not. We object strongly to the criminally violent way in which it is being done, but in itself we recognize that it’s the only chance we’ll ever have to cure poverty.

But neither capitalism, nor socialism ever succeeded in curing poverty. Nor did they secure peace. Not even freedom, we might add. Capitalism in the end always led and will always lead to fascism (be attentive, reader, and don’t close your eyes to what is plain to see in Europe and the U.S.). Socialism was unfree and totalitarian from the start and never functioned in any other way. We hope that from this series of articles, the reader himself will gather that Solidarism does indeed have something important to offer to the world. And also what Cuba’s role could be in all this.

Interdependent and inter-connected world

On the global level, the few remaining socialist states play the capitalist game as well. They have no other choice, because they, too, form part of an interdependent and inter-connected world that does not want to play the socialist game. So, Cuba has to buy the goods and services it cannot produce itself on the global capitalist market. This will ultimately be unsustainable due to the fact that internally Cuba plays a different game which cannot compete with capitalism. That’s why Cuba and the few remaining socialist states will slowly be strangled, unless they adopt Solidarism and start playing an even finer game which will stun their capitalist competitors. The other alternative is to finally capitulate to capitalism. What a waste that would be!

Now, if Cuba had a superior system both morally and practically, there would be a point and heroism in holding out against all odds. But that’s not the case. Admittedly, a case could be made that socialism is morally superior, at least from a theoretical standpoint and if freedom could be made compatible with it (which no socialist state – including Cuba - ever could). But its practical functioning has proved to be clearly inferior. This is why Russia and the East Block gave up. So under these circumstances, holding out is not heroic, but blindly stubborn. Especially since the majority of the Cuban people don’t believe in socialism anymore. They know it doesn’t work.

The only thing the Cuban people are unsure about is whether capitalism is the answer, although on a small scale (street-vending, money-changing, bicitaxi’s, trade etc) they’re all involved in it, most of it illegally. The government does not crack down on this anymore, because it’s done on such a massive scale (including by the police), that stopping it is not doable and would cause serious rebellion. Therefore, conniving it ensures they can stay in power, at least for the time being.

Some futurology based on logic and present tendencies

In a globalized world the continents will most likely be divided up in a number of Autonomous Regions. In our estimation approx. 20 to 25. These will send their democratically elected representatives to a Global Council which will give global guidelines on global issues. Within the contours of these guidelines, the Regions are autonomous. Each Region has its own democratically elected government, i.e. democratic in the Western tradition, based on free and fair elections with respect for all civil liberties. These Regions consist of provinces corresponding roughly to the countries we now know as independent states, which are further subdivided into a great number of local communities.

Now, we believe something along the above depicted lines is going to happen. And it will take less time than most people think. It took 25.000 years to reach the level of agricultural civilization and the dawn of science. It took another 2.500 years to reach the level of industrial civilization and the awakening of political democracy. It then took only 250 years to reach the level of robotic civilization and the perspective of abundance and economic democracy. It will take just 25 years to reach the dawn of solidarist world peace.

Positive perspective

The above text is a mixture of Fact (positive and negative), Promise, Hope and Logic, all leading to the same conclusion. We’ll not spell it out again. Instead we’ll hold out a positive perspective for Cuba.

In the Western hemisphere there will be either 2 or 3 Autonomous Regions. Two are already forming: North-America (Canada, USA and Mexico) and South- (or Latin) America (Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay). There could be a third, i.e. the Caribbean Region (Central America, the three Guyana’s and the Caribbean and Bahamian archipelagoes). If we, Caribbeans, don’t make this happen, we will be divided up between North and South.

Now, Cuba would be the natural intellectual and cultural leader of this third Region. And could be its political capital as well, for which it has the perfect geographical location. But then Cuba has to act boldly now. It can rely on the best educational system in the Region and has a highly educated population. Its universities and medical institutions are a model to all. And its present socialist system makes it uniquely easy and suited to become the first free and truly democratic solidarist state in the world. And thereby to bring harmony and unity to our Region. Therefore, anybody in our Region understanding this unique opportunity, has a right and an obligation to urge Cuba to act now and change course.