For our Cuban Friends, especially Fidel Castro

To achieve peaceful transition to democracy, the Cubans need a new economic theory - built on full political democracy - that not only respects the Revolution but improves both the socialist and the capitalist model. As we were told in Cuba: ‘No queremos una transición de comunismo salvaje a captalismo salvaje’. And right our Cuban friends are. ARCO will methodically outline such a theory.

The theory is not our own. Anybody interested can study it by reading the books and writings of Louis Kelso, Norman Kurland, Robert Ashford and Rodney Shakespeare. We have included a number of books and documents on binary economics in our Knowledge Center, downloadable for free, under the category ‘Economics’, subcategory ‘Binary Economics’. We also refer the reader to the Center for Economic and Social Justice’, and the website of Prof. Rodney Shakespeare at binary triangle

Socialism and capitalism two extremes of same scarcity paradigm

In countries which have a ‘free market’ economy it is imaginable that the 5% haves are reluctant to give up their money power, although a binary economy will not take anything away from them. Therefore, although this reluctance is short-sighted and greedy and will eventually cost the haves dearly in war and ‘anti-terrorism’ measures - not to mention the moral responsibility for such heinous acts -, one can at least understand why they still reject it. They wrongly believe they will be the losers in a binary economy. So, they sit on their money and fight even more fiercely than Fidel Castro ever has. The Iraqi debacle says it all.

However, in a state-run socialist country, such reluctance is non-existent, for there are no haves. If anything, there are only have-nots. In Cuba, for instance, everybody stands to gain by the introduction of a binary economy. If there should be any objection against it, there must be some other irrational reason behind it, but not money. Nobody has money in Cuba.

We will therefore start from the premise that in Cuba financial reluctance is non-existent and that binary economics has not been introduced due to the simple fact that the leadership has never heard of it. Fidel simply does not know what it is. Neither do any of his economists. Once they know and understand its potential, they’ll jump on it.

Massive binary economic growth for Cuba

If Cuba adopts binary politics and economics, it will outperform the US economy within 25 years. Within a few years Cuba will be the leading political and economic power in the Caribbean. Obviously it will then exert great moral and political influence in the region as well. As it should.

Cuba is a great nation, the natural leader of the Caribbean, its real capital being Havana, followed by Miami which may be greater in size but not in moral, intellectual and affective import. Cuba simply is the best, but for its present repression. Binary politics will do away with all that and at the same time preserve the good things the Cuban Revolution has brought. Binary politics and economics is the fulfillment of the Cuban Revolution.

Today’s video is the announcement by a Cuban radio that Cuba’s infant mortality rate (IMR) at 5.3 is the lowest in the American continent. Now, the problem with the Cuban press is that we can never be sure if what they report is true (actually this is the case also for especially CNN and Fox News, only with a different bias and emphasis), but we believe that this reported fact is probably correct. A great achievement for Cuba and a great shame for the US, which has a higher IMR than Cuba. Is there something rotten in the state of the US?