Hope for Humanity

Garry Davis is a visionary ahead of his time who has drawn up a roadmap for getting the world out of the mess it’s in. A movie is now being produced telling the riveting true story of Garry Davis, a Broadway actor turned bomber pilot turned World Citizen #1—an entertainer on an unstoppable mission to save the world. In the 1950s Garry recognized our oneness, and gave up his national citizenship to become the first official world citizen.

Half a century before the internet gave us the tools to make global citizen interaction possible, Garry followed in the footsteps of the founding fathers of the USA by taking what they had done one step higher – he imagined and declared in embryonic form, a government of, by and for the people of the world. His new government issued over 2 million World Passports, World Birth Certificates and other world documents based on human rights.

World Passports

The World Passports, though often challenged, have now been stamped by 150 nations freeing thousands of stateless refugees and others who were detained solely because they lacked national papers. World Passports are available at www.worldservice.org. Today, Garry’s dramatic story can inspire millions of people to discover that they are world citizens and that together they have the power to prevent our planet’s drift toward suicidal war and environmental catastrophe.

We need change on a global basis. The world’s (environmental) problem is bigger than any one nation, and the solution is going to require more than national action. The way to bring about such change on a global basis is to mobilize the people of this planet to take responsibility for running our world in a more sane way, a way that reflects the reality that we are one world, one beautiful blue marble of life drifting through the loneliness of space.

Pie in the sky?

But isn’t that just pie in the sky thinking? Wouldn’t it be impossible for Arabs and Jews, Sunni and Shiites, Serbs and Bosnians, Tutsis and Hutus to all live side by side in peace? It is not only possible, it’s happening. Humanity has already invented a system that eliminates war. Right in New York City, every ethnic group battling around the world has people living side by side in peace. Why aren’t they blowing up one another’s neighborhoods?

Because they are functioning within a system of democratically adopted laws and sovereign government. If we wouldn’t think of running a city without any central governing mechanism, or running a corporation with no president or board of directors, why do we think we can run so complex a mechanism as a planet with no global governing system? It’s no wonder existing political structures are breaking down, unable to give voice to humanity’s demands for peace, freedom, security and a healthy planet.

Garry Davis

For years groups have lobbied governments to reform the UN but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Isn’t it a hopeless task to ask nations to give up their national sovereignty to a higher order? This is how Garry Davis sees it:

- “Here’s the best-kept secret of our chaotic and endangered times.

We don’t have to beg and plead with our government leaders to stop fighting wars and make world peace. Why not?

Because national governments can’t make world peace. They are on the wrong civic level. They don’t have the power to make peace beyond their borders. Their responsibility is to the part, not to the whole. They cannot rise to the global dimension without giving up the exclusive ‘national sovereignty’ that is the source of their power – a power maintained by protecting US against THEM in a condition of world anarchy.

WE PEOPLE are the source of sovereignty. Government leaders should be pleading and begging for our support. And in fact they are! Incessantly. That’s why they have whole teams of spin doctors to convince us to let them keep their jobs, to give them the proxy FOR OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

You are the only force that can prevent World War III. And the only force that can prevent global warming which would trigger catastrophic climate change and threaten the very existence of life as we know it”-.

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Today’s video shows a short speech by Garry Davis. Remarkable.