Immigration is the Key

There is no freedom until every world-citizen is free to live where he wants. It is good and right to fight for freedom. But then we must go for full freedom. And not brand some people as ‘alien’ and add the insult ‘illegal’. It is doubtful if ever a more discriminatory word was invented. Turn a human being into an ‘alien’ first and then make him ‘illegal’ and take away his protective rights.

All countries do this. But the US is the land of the free. The land of the free doing this is somehow more repulsive than when other countries do it. As the French say: ‘noblesse oblige’. That’s why we believe the US will be the first in the world to end it, precisely because it still is the land of the free. It just takes another Martin Luther King.

We can see a million Mexicans marching peacefully to the US-Mexican border and openly breaking down the fences the US has put up there (along certain stretches of this border). Mass has already been said along this border by priests, with the faithful attending in the open air on both side of the fence. The symbolic significance of this is clear. In a free world, there are no borders. The road is long, but there are no borders.

This is only the beginning

Settling the immigration question is only the beginning. We cannot settle this question, unless we put in place a system which will quickly increase the number of haves in the world as compared to the have-nots. In fact we must make sure the haves will become the vast majority. Democracy cannot survive, unless we do this. And there is only one way to achieve this: the ‘just third way’.

On a world-scale the have-nots are more than 80%. And of the 20%, at least 15% are only very small ‘haves’. This situation is the root-cause of all the wars we see. Yes, sometimes this root-cause finds its expression via religious channels. At other times it manifests via atheistic political channels (as socialism). The huge economic unbalance in the world is economic injustice. And injustice is a violation of cosmic law, which always balances out. One way or the other.

If we want peace, we need equality. If we want peace, we must establish economic justice. Economic justice consists in urgently and vastly increasing the number of haves. State policies must aim to bring this about at an accelerated pace. This can be achieved by adopting the ‘just third way’ policies promoted by the Center for Economic and Social Justice’ ( Yes, their website is badly in need of a face-lift, but please look beyond that. The content of this site is a number of ideas, which do not point to problems, but suggest solutions.

Our daily video is an interview with Rodney Skakespeare and Dr. Edward Wolff explaining ‘Binary economics’. A must watch, yet again!