It’ s lonely at the top

Solidarism is the new paradigm. Not a new paradigm. It is the political/economic new paradigm for the twenty-first century. Professors Rodney Shakespeare (London University) and Robert Ashford (University of Syracuse) were very careful and confident when choosing the title for their book: “Binary Economics, the New Paradigm”. It is terribly arrogant to claim you are writing out the prescription for the new paradigm, unless it true of course. If you know it is true and don’t claim it, it is false modesty.

Shakespeare and Ashford were not the first to prescribe the new paradigm. It was Louis Otto Kelso. And they duly give Kelso all the credit. Kelso’s legal and economic insight forming the basis of his “Binary Economics theory” is comparable to Galileo’s insight that not the earth but the sun is the centre of our universe. At the time that was the new paradigm in astronomy and physics. At first Galileo was met with unbelief and ridicule, until in the end everybody saw that his theory was indisputable. The same will happen with Kelso’s insight.

Both and capitalists socialists fear binary economics theory

People fear new ideas. It upsets them. And sometimes they even react violently, hoping to suppress the new idea. The more so, if the new idea has direct and drastic political and economic implications. The capitalists instinctively fear you’re trying to steal their money. The socialists instinctively fear you’re trying to undermine their power.

They can both relax. The financial instruments developed by Kelso and his successors do not propose to take away anything from the rich. What they already have, they may keep. Kelso only proposes to share future growth. And our Cuban socialist friends should also relax. They grabbed power fifty years ago to be able to distribute income more fairly, especially aiming to include the poor. Well, Kelso also does include the poor. But his way is even better. Instead of distributing income, Kelso proposes fair distribution of property among all, which will automatically result in fair distribution of income to all. And if Kelso’s way is used, there will be much more to distribute than socialists could ever dream of. Kelso proposes to distribute abundance, not scarcity. Bear with us, we will explain.