LA $660 million Church settlement disproportional

The victims cried in timely fashion, the camera’s rolling. One of them claimed she has lost 19 jobs and had 3 divorces because of the sexual abuse at the hands of a priest. We are in no way defending the priests. What they did is wrong. Can we be clear on that? We know that there will be a crowd out there ready to howl us down because of our dissenting opinion on this one. But what we see is gross exaggeration. This can only take place in the USA, a country where money is the highest god. The US was not founded that way. It became that way. Mainstream media hype (in it for the money) stops the American public from seeing clearly.

Sexual abuse is wrong. Sexual abuse of children is worse and if perpetrated by a priest, it is worst. Having said that, let’s now make a comparison. Female circumcision (mutilation, really, i.e. excising the clitoris often performed un-hygienically) is far worse than what happened in this case. Millions of young girls are thus mutilated annually. They do not get a cent in compensation, they do not lose 19 jobs and do not have 3 divorces. How is this possible? The US is the land of the best and of the worst.

This settlement is part of the worst. We want to write better stories about the US, because we respect its basic principles. It is a country with great potential and we still have faith it will eventually lead the world to a new planetary civilization based on freedom and democracy. We know that even now the world owes the US. But at this point in history, hysterics have reached such a level of lunacy in the US, that time and again, willy-nilly, we find ourselves writing negatively.

Such a great country ruining itself! What a waste! Moderate compensation of say $25,000 per victim would have been appropriate. The court is a place of justice, not of money. Catholic priests take a vow of chastity. The idea is to sublimate the sexual energy in service to God and mankind. This is a very hard thing to do. Some priests fail. The result of failure is sexual abomination or cruelty.

The Church’s record on this is not good. There is good reason, therefore, to allow (parish) priests to marry as in Protestant churches. This would prevent a lot of trouble. Within the Church there is enough room for Orders where the monks or nuns can practice chastity (without taking a vow) and make this special contribution to the Church. Sorry about this negative note. We’ll make sure today’s video will be humorous