Let’s see what happens

Some people we have spoken to, Cubans and non-Cubans, have assured us that if we last just one day it is already a victory. Why should this be? Because we walk and express our opinion? Maybe these people failed to see that we are planting a third position, beyond Socialism and Capitalism, not inimical to either. But Socialism should respect freedom and Capitalism should stop excluding the poor.

In fact we did survive the first day without any trouble. But it was not a victory. We walked from Santa Fé to a village called Cangrejeras. There we encountered the first practical set-back. We could not find any place to stay. We were forced to walk on in the direction of the next village called El Cano, which we never reached. El Cano was a bridge too far.

Change of plan

What we found the first day is that the message just does not get through at all. Absolutely nobody even asked what we were trying to say. A complete blank. This was only partially caused by the fact that when walking along an unpopulated road, the number of people one meets is limited . We conclude that either people just don’t get it or they are mortally afraid and dare not speak out.

This means we have to change plans. Instead of the “Provincia”, we will have to try our luck in Havana. Let’s see what happens.