Excerpt of introduction in ARCO’s April 2008 edition: “This article is the second of a series. The statements made in these articles will require many demonstrations, as they are contrary to much of what our parents, teachers, science and society have taught us. Every subject (and even every word) can and will be explained in detail in one or several of the upcoming articles. To the degree that you are able to continue reading these articles, without rejecting them, you are ready to start seeing a deeper reality”. The author of these articles is unknown to ARCO.

In the last article “The flaw in Humanity”, I wrote that the fundamental cause of all war, corruption, suffering and unhappiness is due to the past. I said that all past is self.

In this article, I will explain the basics of what I am. I do not ask for you to believe me, I ask only to read these words with a so called ‘open mind’.

ME, Myself and I

To understand anything, we must always first take a look at the words that we are using to desribe the issue at hand. Words, in their origin, were used to describe the essence of the matter, but in today’s society many of the words we use have lost their meaning.

I will proceed to explain the meaning of the following three words: ME, Myself and I. Nowadays, these 3 are used as interchangeble words, but as any real language teacher should know: there are no two words with the exact same meaning!


‘I’ is the intelligence that is looking out through your eyes. The eyes are just the instrument, not actually the thing looking through them. The same I, intelligence, is ‘looking’ through your ears, your skin and your other senses. I use the word ‘looking’, because it is your attention. It can also be called your awareness. ‘I’ is the pure awareness that comes out before any judgement. It is the thing that just sees what is. For example: you are now seeing the letters on this page or you are hearing the sound around you now. ‘I’ sees what is, without naming what it sees. ‘I’ has no ‘good’, no ‘bad’, no ‘right’ and no ‘wrong.’ I am ..


‘ME’ is the primordial state. The pre-existential life before form. It is the nothing before manifestation. It is the peaceful, all-encompassing, eternal, everlasting state of being inside. It is what all meditations aim to reach (although most miss by a long shot).

‘ME’ is a state. A state of being. Actually it is THE state of being. This state is ‘inside’ of everybody at every moment (though in most people it is obscured by their FLAW). It is this state, being or ‘ME’, that makes all life possible. It is the state which, when permanently reached, is referred to as: enlightenment, freedom, awakened being, satori, heaven, nirvana and the list goes on and on…

THIRD - Myself.

‘Myself’, or my-self, is the entity of the past. It is actually a psychic entity living inside. It is a parasite.

‘My-self’ (which is inside of you and who is reading these words) is made up of all the hurtful and unhappy past incidents that have ever happened to you since birth and in the womb. It dates back to when you were a little baby, hungry or cold, crying for comfort, to when you were sick or tired, to when you were frustrated while trying to fit the block of wood in the wrong hole, to when you were angry at your school teachers. The list goes on and on and for most people, sadly, they continue adding more hurt, right up to their death.

Now, if these past moments had all disappeared, there would be no problem. You would have been able to live just like the rest of nature does – in peace and complete surrender to what is. You would just be I and ME.

But with humans it is different. You have psychic plasma in you that is called EMOTION. Emotion stored in all these painful events (unless we have been taught how to let go of them).

Then, your ego, in an attempt to avoid similar painful events in the future, starts to think, plan and choose what you should do. These choices are based on trying to avoid similar painful events. But as it is the pain - the emotion - the SELF choosing - the SELF that is now in charge - it will always create that which it knows about most – PAIN – or in other words: more emotion – more self – more flaws.

Yes, … Emotion = Self = the Flaw = the cause of all unhappiness on earth …… and you’re convinced it’s you!
‘A man’s heart changes his countenance, either for good or for evil’.
Ecclesiasticus 13:25