One World, Ready or Not

Okay, the title is plagiarized. But it’s a good title. And we give the original author (William Greider) full credit. Find his book on the ‘Manic Logic of Global Capitalism’ at Amazon. It was the song ‘We are One’ by Kevin Reid that reminded us of the book entitled: ‘One World, Ready or Not’. So we might as well kill two birds with one stone. Check both out, but especially the song: ‘We are One’. It is a World Anthem.

It doesn’t get any bigger than that, does it? But why not? We are One! Let the song inspire you at: The world needs visionary artists like Kevin Reid. Their message may seem ‘a bridge too far’ sometimes, but anyone who is not fast asleep can clearly see that we are heading towards world unity, whether we like it, or not. Whether we are ready, or not as Greider points out. It’s happening. And that’s fabulous, unless it turns into a world police-state.

Please, no police-state!

So, yes, we must support efforts like Kevin Reid’s. We are One! There is only One World. Dig the song and sign the petition! In the meantime, we must make sure we save the planet from environmental destruction and the dark forces of raw and cruel power. For we are not going to be able to operate Spaceship Earth for much longer, unless we see it as one spaceship and see our fate as common. The song very eloquently brings out this idea.

Kevin is an artist and expresses an artist’s point of view. Rightly so. Others who are differently inclined (like us) must tackle the same objective in their own way. We have pointed out repeatedly that the way forward is to take away power from government and place it in the hands of the people, not collectively (as in socialism), but individually as in realism.

The One World concept is safe only, when Western freedom and political democracy is combined with a wide diffusion of economic and political power in the hands of the majority of individual citizens. This is called economic democracy. Pope John Paul II calls it ‘subsidiarity’, although we do not suggest that he subscribed wholly to Louis Kelso’s binary economic theory. But their ideas do converge. Economic democracy is based on a culture of widely diffused ownership of corporate stocks. We’re talking here of 60 to 70% of the population, or more. It’s the only way to avoid the birth of a global police-state, socialist or capitalist.

Support Kevin Reid

We therefore wholeheartedly support Kevin Reid and we will be referring to his initiative again in future articles. For now we suggest you surf to his website at and listen to the anthem. You will then want to sign the petition.

We won’t tell what today’s video is about. Just watch it and enjoy.