If there is one man who deserves the Nobel prize for economics, it is Norman Kurland. He deserves it for his indefatigable efforts to enlighten a critical mass of intelligent people around the globe who will at a certain moment be moved to implement the Just Third Way, which we prefer to call “Solidarism” for short. And also for the mass of political/economic articles and innumerable e-mails he writes daily on the subject. He will never give up. “Persevere, persevere, persevere”, is his motto. “Justice, justice, thou shalt pursue”, is another favorite of his.

Without Norman Kurland, Louis Kelso´s brilliant legal/economic/political insights might have died a slow death amid the victorious clamor of the “End of History”-capitalists. With all due respect for the invaluable contributions others have made - we already mentioned Rodney Shakespeare and Robert Ashford -, for Norman Kurland the Just Third Way is an obsession. Apart from his family, it is his only reason to live. He has survived cancer and despite his advanced age he hammers away daily as if nothing had happened. He is also the author of a book entitled: “Capital Homesteading for every citizen” and has contributed to many other books and publications, such as “Curing World Poverty”, to mention just one. In short, Norman Kurland is a man with a mission. A mission of peace and prosperity for all. Is a more worthy mission thinkable? God give he may live to see a tangible and irreversible beginning of the Just Third Way implemented somewhere in the world. Hopefully Cuba.

Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ)

Many years ago Kurland founded the Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ), established in Washington, U.S.A. This organization is dedicated to promoting the Just Third Way around the globe. Its website is: www.cesj.org. The organization has an interfaith basis, considering all religions of equal worth. Its Code of Ethics is posted on the Center´s website. The Center distributes literature and books, including two e-books and many other articles and documents that can be downloaded and studied at home. Patiently the Center approaches other organizations around the globe to form alliances to strengthen the movement.

Some years ago CESJ nearly succeeded in getting a general law passed in Costa Rica, which would introduce the Just Third Way in that country as a parallel system, i.e. side by side with Costa Rica´s present social-democrat (basically capitalist) system. The document, in English and Spanish, can be found at CESJ´s website. This draft law could easily be adapted for use in Cuba, i.e. to introduce the Just Third Way parallel to Cuba´s present socialist system. There would be a few extra difficulties to overcome, but it can be done.