Quite an Ego-trip!

So you think you can extract our planet from the Universe and rebuild it in your own image? That’s quite an ego-trip, my friend. From the Cosmic perspective we are no more than microbes crawling on the face of a speck of dirt, spinning around in the middle of nowhere, circling around another speck radiating light. And you as one of those microbes believe that we can create new conditions here on earth on our own?

Well, my friend. You have a right to your opinion. As we see it, the best we can do is co-create. And we’ll be successful only, if our co-creations do not violate Cosmic law, of which we know next to nothing. With all due respect to the atheist point of view, we cannot comprehend how any intuition, any rational thought even, could originate in our brains on our own force. The energy which builds and maintains our bodies – apparently knowing what it’s doing – comes from somewhere. And we presume it is in synch with the Cosmic. For, if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here.

Free will?

We presume we have free will. But if even the energy we use to think with is not created by us, if we view our place in the Cosmic as being that of a microbe on a piece of (possibly living) dirt having been created in accordance with mighty Cosmic forces, if we realize that we are totally dependent on our direct environment for oxygen and food, that even our hearts beat on an unknown energy we call ‘life’, which again is not created by us, if we realize all this, we must wonder what the assumption (or presumption rather) of ‘free will’ means?

To confound this even more, we remind the reader that within the Cosmic there apparently is a corrective mechanism, which automatically rebalances everything that has gone astray. This mechanism is commonly described as ‘karma’ (or ‘Justice’ in the West). Christ described it as: ‘We reap as we sow’. This means that whenever we violate Cosmic law, it will correct the transgression. If that is so, we really have only one choice. And that means in fact we have no choice at all. And therefore no free will.

Reason is God’s last validity test

Maybe we are God’s eyes and ears. And to be able to do this work properly, reason was built into our thinking apparatus. Our ‘freedom’ then is no more than checking and balancing, i.e. assisting the Cosmic in its ongoing creation project. In this view we would be a kind of feedback-mechanism; bearers of light, employed as search-and-fix microbes, reflecting the creation back upon the Cosmic consciousness screen for better scrutiny and reconsideration. If this is so, it might not seem to be much. But if we stop resisting, it might prove joyful.

Our daily video is about the ‘Cosmic law of Correspondence’. Even if you are skeptical about astrology (as you should be, if you judge by the daily horoscope in the newspapers), we recommend you take a few minutes to listen carefully to what this astrologer has to say.