Race is Irrelevant

We have indeed entered the New Aquarian Age. I knew it before, but we have just seen yet another clear sign of it: Obama’s nomination. Excellent job! A great achievement for humanity. Unfortunately Obama is ignorant of the ‘Just Third Way’ (which we call ‘solidarism’) and it’s going to be extremely hard to convince him. So we cannot expect an economic break-through yet. But we celebrate the human break-through.

The Era of Peace and Abundance, to be triggered by adoption and application of the Just Third Way (‘solidarism’) will follow. It’s the next frontier, although there still remain two other obstacles to be removed, namely religion and nationality. These have to be made as irrelevant as race now is. We do not mean a choice for atheism and materialism. That would be disastrous. We mean acceptance of and respect for all serious religions on an equal footing. Whatever God is, must be equal. Anything else does not make sense. And a senseless God is madness.

We’re moving on faster than expected

The pace is clearly accelerating. In this accelerating world that is really to be expected. Nevertheless, we are amazed at the speed of social change taking place. Let’s now see how we can end this senseless war in Iraq as soon as possible. This will hopefully be Obama’s main achievement as President. In the meantime we must continue discussing, lecturing and explaining the Just Third Way (‘solidarism’). Whoever picks it up may win the next Presidency.

ARCO will keep on focusing on Cuba. There is fertile ground for solidarism there. In the meantime we leave you with Obama’s nomination speech. View the video, if you haven’t done already.