Skull and Bones

Google it! What you will find there is an entry based on hearsay, not to say gossip. ‘Skull and Bones’ is a ‘secret’ society. What is a secret society? Well, to start with, every country has a ‘secret agency’, the CIA, the Stasi, the KGB. Even a peaceful country such a Holland has its own secret service. Even such a tiny country as the Netherlands Antilles has its ‘secret police’. So, we are being spied upon daily from all corners by secret agencies. We have no illusions.

Now, the problem with secret societies is, you don’t know what they do, because they are secret. Both George Bush and John Kerry are members of Skull and Bones. When asked about that, their answer was that it was so secret, they couldn’t talk about it. This does not necessarily mean that this society is evil. By the fruit we shall know the tree. So we have to look at what Skull and Boners actually do. We can also surmise something from the symbols they use. Now ‘skull and bones’ is pretty clear. It means death and destruction.

However, we must not judge in haste, because the ‘skull and bones’ emblem may also serve as a way to help members conquer the fear of death, so as to be able to serve humanity better. However, there are other societies which choose construction for their principal symbolism. Their members want to be Builders, not Destroyers. Think about it.

The taser incident (see video)

At the University of Florida a student was recently arrested and subsequently tased for asking questions. He was not violent, just asked some pertinent questions. He was exercising his right to free speech, peacefully. And precisely when he asked John Kerry whether he and president Bush were both members of Skull and Bones, precisely at that moment his mike was cut off. He was arrested and when he tried to pull himself loose. He was worked to the ground and tased.

According to Wikipedia, Skull and Bones is a secret Yale student society. Now, of course, we cannot conclude that this blatant disregard for the freedom of speech is a ‘fruit of the tree’ of Skull and Bones, for it was the fruit of over-zealous Florida police, not Skull and Bones. To judge Skull and Bones, we should consider what Kerry and Bush have done during their careers. We do not know much about Kerry. But we do know about Bush. And it is fair to conclude that the fruit of the Bush-tree is not very popular to say the least. If we want to be positive, we could say it is ‘destruction for construction’.

Dissolution is the secret of transformation

Destruction and construction are both natural and necessary forces. You cannot renovate a house without destroying at least parts of it. Sometimes you have to pull down the whole house to be able to rebuild. So destruction is part of the natural order of things. Yet, life is not about destruction; it is about construction. If it were the other way around, the human race would not evolve, but dissolve. It makes us happier to build a house than to destroy it.

Besides, the destruction we are talking about here involves fellow human beings. People who die and cry, because they have lost loved ones and feel pain. Now, Stalin thought that purging his own population was necessary to build a better society. The people he killed thought otherwise. We’re discussing the fruit of the Bush-tree here. Philosophically we cannot deny that destruction is necessary for construction. But when it comes to destroying actual people we should shy away. Life is sacred. If in extreme circumstances we really must kill to save the lives of others, we may have no other choice but to do it. But then we do it with the utmost of repulsion and no more than is absolutely necessary. We do not ‘smoke them out of their holes’. This is the Bush-tree. Draw your own conclusions.

Today’s video shows the taser incident.