The 1000 mile journey begins with the first step

We set out from Santa Fé, a village near Havana.

Where else? Without faith, nothing is accomplished.

This is as much a spiritual pilgrimage as anything else.

The biggest problem facing proponents of the Just Third Way,which we prefer to call ´Solidarism´, is communication.

How can we explain to a public tired and wary of ideologies

that there is a better way in between Socialism and Capitalism?

How? Especially when the Solidarist economic theory appears

complicated and wrong words were used in the past to describe

and promote it.

It´s easy when you know it

The theory appears complicated, but is in fact quite simple.

It is not difficult to understand that everybody could buy the best

stocks and shares in the Stock Market, if only one could get a

loan to buy them. And everybody understands that ownership of

enough shares in the best companies would procure a second

income from capital. Because shares pay out dividends.

Who would not want to receive a second income from

dividends, if only one could acquire the shares?

But what if the Central Bank would loan you the money

and you could pay back with the dividends received?

Think about it.