The Credibility Factor

Obama is pure people power. This is spiritual power, ‘if it be turned into earth’ as the Emerald Tablet says. This means ‘if it is applied in practice’. Obama may or may not know it, but the power he uses is spiritual. He taps into the positive side of human nature, showing them the right way. And it resonates. As it always will, for at heart people are noble, having a spark of divinity in them as the Hindu’s know very well.

This in contrast to Hillary. She is just floating on the Clinton brand. True it is that Bill Clinton was popular. He left a name, despite his escapades. And it might have worked for Hillary, until she was confronted with true people power. She’s lost now. Her words do not have the ring of truth anymore. She still appeals to a number of Clinton-era fanatics, especially women, but it is a foregone conclusion, unless something dramatic and unexpected should happen.


The Bush administration has finally owned up. After Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and Blackwater, it is now official that the administration purposely used water-boarding to torture detainees. ‘Only on three detainees’, they maintain. But that’s three too many. When the 9/11 disaster took place, we never suspected that this could be an inside job. Those kinds of things do not happen in a serious democracy.

When the Russian government was accused of having blown up an apartment building in Moscow (some 10 years ago just after Putin came to power), everybody immediately considered an inside job quite possible. Because the Russians have always done things like that. Their democracy does not have the strong roots it has in the US. In fact their democracy is already screwed up and the whole world knows it.

But in a real democracy like the US things like that do not happen. We may have our differences with the US, but inside jobs, torture etc. that’s not their way. This reputation the US has now lost. Its credibility has been shattered. The Bush administration is capable of anything. We don’t believe anything of what they say anymore. President Bush is the center of a dangerous cancerous growth. Surgery (impeachment) is required to stop it from spreading. But seeing that that is not happening, a different approach is required to heal America.

Along comes Obama

Obama’s presidency would be a bigger tsunami than 9/11. ‘It would change everything’, as they say. Why? Because, first of all, he clearly has a different eye for foreign policy than Bush’s ‘bomb and bribe diplomacy’. Secondly, he would personify the American dream, democracy at its best. Anybody - irrespective of race, color, religion or creed - can succeed in the US. He would be proving that in his own person. He would be living the dream.

This alone would do a lot to restore confidence in and respect for the US, both nationally and internationally. This is a much subtler way of healing than surgery, but it will probably work much better. In fact, this is the alchemical way, as outlined in the Emerald Tablet.

The selected video is in Spanish, but the message will be understood by everybody, for the images tell the story as much as the words. A most interesting idea is conveyed in the video, perhaps even better explained without any words. It refers to Paulo Coelho, author of among others ‘The Alchemist’, a most fitting video to accompany today’s story.