The Migration Question as Shameful as Slavery

The world is in deep crisis. We fight wars ‘for freedom’, but at the same time freedom is undermined as much from within as from without. One wonders whether the US will survive the assault on democracy from the Bush administration. We need drastic solutions, if we are to get out of this mess. The only way out is massive worldwide action for social change in the way Ghandi has taught. The aim is to save freedom and democracy.

Migrant children

Human Rights Watch has reported on 26 July 2007 that in the past year, more than 900 unaccompanied migrant children have arrived in the Canary Islands after dangerous and often traumatic journeys in makeshift boats. In response to this unprecedented number of migrant children, the Canary Islands authorities have opened 4 emergency centers to house 400-500 children, mainly boys from Senegal and Morocco.

It is crystal clear that this whole migration question can only be solved internationally. AND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY IS NOT SOLVING IT. Half-hearted measures are not going to work. The international political structure has to change radically. On the one hand the very many failed states (African, Latin American and Asian) must make decisive internal political changes. Development will not take place without tackling corruption to mention just one problem. On the other hand, the relatively successful states have to engage seriously and shift priorities. Britain’s David Miliband is right. There is no longer any distinction between Foreign and Home Affairs. The two have blended. The nation-state as a concept has to be replaced.

They fight peace with violence

How the transition to a more credible ‘International Community’ is to be made, we do not know. But the ways and means will come to us (meaning those who understand what we are writing here). We do know that the means to be employed must be peaceful. This does not mean there won’t be any violence. As long as there are George Bushes, Ahmadinajads, Hugo Chavezes and Ehud Olmerts around - and as long as they have a great following -, there will be violence. Because they even fight peace with violence! But the violence will be theirs, not ours.

We cannot in good conscience allow a social and economic situation to continue in which even children are driven to risk their lives to migrate. Any thinking person, who understands anything about any religion in the world, feels outrage. And if atheists feel the same outrage, so much the better. The outrage must be controlled, of course, and turned into concrete and effective peaceful action, but the injustice is too severe and massive. It must be stopped. Only coordinated international grass-roots action can tackle and change it.