The Mirror

Many people criticize the US at this time for its war policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. We often concur. However, the critics are rarely willing to discuss our own failings.

We reap as we sow

Rev. Wright’s chickens don’t only roost in the US. They roost here too. There are individual volunteers here on Bonaire who donate money (via Rotary Club Bonaire) to enable children to get a good meal at school, because they do not get one at home.

These volunteers are to be commended. But at the same time the question should be asked how come we have not been able to organize society in such a way that situations like these still occur? How good a job are our politicians doing? And what are we doing to make sure we get better politics? And economics?

Rev. Wright was stating a spiritual truth. To look deep into the mirror from time to time hurts.