The net is steadily brainwashing us

The internet has achieved in material form what mystics have known for ages, i.e. that we are all interconnected in the collective mind. The internet does not change this fact, but it gives people a more visible idea about what it means to be interconnected.

Whereas before the information age only mystics (1% or 2% of the population) understood what ‘being interconnected’ means, now everyone knows that we are materially interconnected via the net. We remain as interconnected spiritually as we always were. However, with the net it is much easier to grasp how this can be. And the net is a powerful tool to mold the collective mind. This is already happening on a massive scale.

The net is steadily brainwashing us.

We shouldn’t worry about this, because people have always brainwashed each other, by means of newspapers, radio, t.v. etc. The net is just one extra tool. What we should be worried about is content. Keep your eyes open! In what direction is who pushing whom? The criterion should be whether the info we get is useful and helps us create a new civilization beyond the present oppression and scarcity paradigm. Democracy will become more participatory, as the net is an interactive tool. Radio and television is one-directional interconnectedness.

The net is multi-directional. This will activate people and politics in ways never seen before. The net will change everything. The news-report on Saturday that Starbucks is closing its coffee-shop in Beijing, China, after a popular television presenter and the Chinese parliament had complained that it ‘trampled on Chinese culture’, is the kind of nonsense that 20 years from now will be ancient history. The net will mix all cultures into a fantastic planetary multi-soup. And from this soup a new global civilization with its own new and magnificent global culture will emerge. ARCO will add some Caribbean spice to this soup.