The Race for the People

It’s not the ‘Race for the Presidency’! It’s the race for the people. We see and hear 8 Democrat candidates vying for the presidency. They are all trying to sell themselves on the President Market. Stop it! We need facts. Basically, they are all the same, except for one: Kucinich. He wants peace. What a strange phenomenon! A US-candidate who wants peace! It’s a miracle!

We have been brainwashed so long and so deep, that un-brainwashing is a hell of a job. Fortunately, we’re not alone. And we have been given the Internet for an un-brainwashing tool. Thank God! Kucinich wants to set up a Department of Peace instead of ‘Defense’ (which, as we all can see, has turned into the ‘Department of War’). This fact alone proves that there are really only two camps on the Democrat side: Kucinich versus the rest.

The ‘survival of the fittest’ syndrome dictates that peace is only possible, if you are the strongest. This is prevalent in the world. No wonder Kucinich is not doing well in the polls. Any attorney knows that talking to your opponent is always possible. Yet, George Bush won’t talk to such tiny troublemakers as Hamas and Hizbullah. Hillary Clinton also will not talk. Yet another syndrome: ‘The slave is free, if only he does what his master says’!

This stuff works in the animal world. It does not, in the end – we grant that – with humans. Humans are gifted with reason and conscience. And the road of least resistance is the road of conscience. Now, many people don’t know what conscience is? That is precisely our problem. In the sixties the wisdom was: ‘Don’t trust anybody over thirty’, because once you’ve reached that age, you are either dead or you have managed to stifle your conscience. Which means, you’re dead too!

Well, apparently it is still possible to reach sixty and have your conscience intact. Kucinich proves it. He still has idealism. He speaks from conscience. He wants peace. Hopefully the American people will elect a President for the people. Not only for the American people, but all the people in the world. Because the President of the only Superpower determines the destiny of all of us. But we – non-US-citizens – are like the Plebeians in Rome. We have no vote. Only the Patricians – the American people – can vote. Well, then, please vote for Peace! Don’t forget. Rome fell!

In truth we have done Gravel an injustice. He wants peace too. But we believe he is in the race only to drive home a message. A very good message actually! Hopefully he will continue to speak out. In honor to him, our daily video features Gravel.