The Shekels Shackle

Now even atheists, may like this article. Try it. When Christ was in the desert fasting for 40 days, he was tempted by Satan. The first temptation was about money and riches. ‘Deviate from Justice’, the Tempter said. ‘Let me win the day, just once, and all the world’s riches will be yours’. Now Christ told him to get lost, and that was the end of this part of the story. In other words, money OK, but Justice first. We have to get our priorities right.

Nobody looking at the world today can in good conscience deny that there is great social and economic injustice. When the Socialists point this out, they are right. So even Socialists, might like this article. However, a different question is how and what we can and should do about it.

Even if we grant that the wealthy of today have stolen their wealth by exploiting the poor and by prospering from an inequitable economic system which makes the rich constantly richer and the poor constantly poorer – which to a degree is true –, then still we maintain that stealing it back is not an option. Simply because method is more important than goals. It is impossible to attain a just goal by unjust means. This is where Socialists stop reading. But we may still have the attention of the atheists.

Economic and banking system

Instead of stealing the wealth back from the rich – which is assuming that they stole it in the first place, which we believe is at least partially true – we could also ‘re-architect’ the economic and banking system. Now, if that were possible, atheists could not have a problem with that, assuming that they have a different source of Justice than God. To us this is inconceivable, but atheists always claim that a vacuum inspires them. If that is so, they will go along with such re-architecture. As a matter of fact, the Socialists could not have a problem with it either, but we assume they have already stopped reading. They want to steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Re-architecting the system

You see, it is possible to re-architect the economic system by democratic means. The ones who would benefit the most are the 95% have-nots. They can be organized and then the economic and banking system can be re-architected. This can be done without any bloodshed and without any theft or re-theft. Because we are talking about a superior re-architected system here, even the 5% minority will eventually benefit, but they will have more difficulty seeing it. But even they will come around. When something is superior, it is superior. Everybody will see it.

The Central Bank (in the US the Federal Reserve) can be used as a tool to tie future wealth to a more equitable distribution of property and wealth than we have now. This way the number of haves can be increased dramatically and quickly. We’re talking of an increase of owners of productive capital to include at least 50% to 60% of the entire world population. We can grow into this new and more just system naturally. Even the rich will ultimately see that Justice works better for them also.

There can be no compromise on human rights. The rich are also human and their human rights should be respected as well. We suggest the interested reader buy Rodney Shakespeare’s book ‘Binary Economics; the new paradigm’. It spells it all out. It is available via Amazon. You can find it on the main page of this website, which links directly to Amazon.

Today’s video is an interview with presidential candidate Ron Paul. We do not agree with Ron Paul. We believe the creation of money by the Federal Reserve (Central Banks worldwide) is precisely the tool that can be used to tie future wealth to an equitable distribution of wealth and property. But the video is interesting, because 1) Ron Paul is a genuine thinking person, which is very refreshing in a presidential candidate and 2) Ron Paul is zooming in on the Fed. This is on the spot, although our conclusions differ from Ron Paul’s.