It’s happening right now, under our very eyes. We’re trans-blogging the world! A huge transformation is taking place. And the pace is accelerating all the time as new technologies become available. Before long, our lives will be half-virtual, half-real. The blogo-sphere will be the mainstream medium, forming and developing world-opinion on all major issues. But the blogo-sphere is an interactive and participatory medium. Oh, my goodness, five years ago we didn’t even know what these words meant!

There will be abundance for all. As was foreseen by great thinkers like Buckminster Fuller and Louis Kelso, we’ll be able to do ‘more with less’, i.e. exploit the world’s resources with GRIN-technology (Genetics, Robotics, Information and Nano-technology) in less wasteful ways to provide amply for everybody. Wage-slaves will be freed. Of course, we will all still have to work and educate our children, but income will be higher and working hours fewer.


Ah, you think this is fantasy. That’s because you do not know certain things. We grant, we have a communication problem. But a Third Revolution is brewing. For the first time in history it will be a peaceful revolution as soon as the present fighters will have gotten sick of the killing. It will be a revolution which will fight for itself, as a good invention must and will in the end prove itself. There are no enemies in this revolution, only winners. There will be no looting and stealing.

Impossible? Ah, my friend, they told the Wright-brothers it was impossible to fly. Open your mind and just think for a minute. 1% to 5% of the world population owns and earns more than 95% of the rest. If our figures are inaccurate, then forgive us for not giving them to you in ten decimals. Because our point is that there is a huge disparity, a monstrous and indefensible economic injustice in the world. And it is causing despair. And it can be remedied.

Now, my friend, if you do not see the injustice, then stop reading here. But if you agree that the disparity is not fair, the only thing we have to do is to re-distribute the world’s income. Mind you, we’re not talking about ‘redistribution of wealth’. We’re talking of ‘redistribution of income’. If we can redistribute the income, abundance for all will result. This is true and easy to see.

Socialism, the stupidest mistake ever!

Socialism saw this simple truth. And they were indignant and angry. So they incited the poor – the ‘proles’ as George Orwell called them – to ‘steal from the rich and give to the poor’, via the State. It ended bad, as all bad methods must: Everybody became poor and the State had to murder and torture to hold on to its stolen wealth and keep everybody poor. What a tremendous blunder! How could we have been so stupid!? Yet, there is Cuba. And now Chavez, with the best of intentions no doubt, wants to repeat the blunder!!!

Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!

There is a better way. President Lincoln said that it was absurd to ask anybody to defend his country, if he didn’t own a part of it.

It’s the ownership, stupid! It’s the ownership, stupid! It’s the ownership!!!

We, the people around the globe, must individually become the owners of the means of production. Not via the State, but we the citizens ourselves! We, all of us! Not by stealing and looting (as the Socialists did), but by buying them. We can buy the means of production, by borrowing the money and pay as we earn. The Central Bank can be reformed to make productive capital credit available for this purpose. And the proceeds of natural resources can be added to the ‘Redistribution of Capital Ownership Fund’, because the world’s natural resources belong to us all.

Some would be tempted to use taxation to feed this Fund. They’re mistaken. Taxation and redistribution is benign Socialist theft, if it exceeds the Biblical 10%. Taxes have to come down. Owners don’t like to pay excessive taxes. And if we’re all owners, our points of view will change. As the Center for Economic and Social Justice ( rightly points out: It’s ‘Owned, or be owned’.

There is a new paradigm in town. Make sure you get to know it!

Our daily video is a short introduction to Buckminster Fuller’s world. A world of abundance without fear.