Truth is Great and will Prevail

‘There is no vacuum’. In an undated text these words stand out: ‘Nequaquam vacuum’, there is no vacuum in the universe. A vacuum would collapse upon itself. A vacuum is non-being. We cannot conceive of non-being. If something is not, it simply is not and can have no meaning to us, precisely because it is not. So therefore, there is no vacuum. Whatever is, must have some substance. We may not yet (fully) know what that substance is. It may be nothing but ‘thought-force’. But a universe without any substance is a vacuum, a nothing. And a nothing cannot exist.

If you have followed the reasoning to this point, we may conclude that the universe – or Being – has substance. It is not empty. We as humans are part of the universe, consisting of molecules, atoms and elements, clustering into planets, stars etc. Within those atoms and elements there is space, as between stars and planets. But this space cannot be empty. There is some force or energy holding the system together. And that energy knows what it is doing. It may be the crudest form of consciousness, but if that force had no understanding at all of what it is supposed to do, if it did not adhere to some form of order, it would act at random. And, if it did that, again, it would soon collapse upon itself. Consciousness throws no dice.

The universal consciousness is within us

Once we see that there is no vacuum and that some form of consciousness fills space, we cannot fail to see that this consciousness fills us also. There is a force, or an energy which holds the molecules of our bodies together. And it does so constantly in an orderly and intelligent way. The natural laws of physics function within our bodies just as they do outside of our bodies. But on top of those, are bodies are subjected to biological laws. And on top of those, there are psychological laws. We note in passing that there are also transcendental laws, but they are the most difficult to discern and we have to delegate that fascinating subject to another article.

What we want to stress in this article is that there are psychological laws which rule our lives. These laws must be in synch with the universal consciousness which fills space and fills us also. If it is not in synch, it is at war. It is not difficult to foresee the outcome of such a war. In other words, if we fight this universal creative consciousness, we will be defeated. We say that this consciousness is creative, because we take it for granted that there is a creation. And we have already noted that creation is not a vacuum.

Man’s basic nobleness

When our own consciousness is in synch with the universal consciousness, it resonates harmoniously. It then receives some of the power of creation itself. These creative forces are present in all of us. Sooner or later we become aware of them, or it. And when we do, we know that it drives us to harmony within and without. This constitutes man’s basic nobleness, namely the pursuit to resonate harmoniously with the universal creative consciousness.

Our daily video is the introduction of a book written by an author unknown to us. What he says by way of introduction to his book (‘Don’t stop your mind’), resonates harmoniously with this article. We have therefore added the book to our recommended list (available via Amazon). To go directly to the book you can click on the image on our main page (scroll down to find the link to Amazon).