The general outline of the deal with Holland was finalized during the last ‘BES-week’ in November 2008, signed on the 20th.

This general outline is a system of ‘apartheid at a distance’. Despite
a Motion adopted in the Island Council by 5 (UPB) vs. 3 (PDB) on 14th November 2008, calling for the equalization of social & economic rights between BEScitizens and citizens of Holland, our representatives capitulated without any serious resistance to pressure exerted by Holland during the negotiations held at the end of November.

Despite frantic spinning by UPB, the capitulation was sheer cowardice on their part. The PDB - who had voted against the ‘equalization motion’ on 14th November! - screamed ‘apartheid!’. In itself quite right, but from the mouths
of those voting against equalization, sheer hypocrisy.