What’s In A Name

Did you ever think about names? What they’re about and what they mean? And why do we have them instead of some other recognition? Why not a number, code or color, or some other “handle” as they would say? Names are interesting appellations that some in metaphysical thinking feel reflect our spiritual path or life’s meaning. Then, there are others who look at a person’s given name at birth from the numerical aspect. And still others who analyze the alphabetical structure of a name: how many and which vowels or special consonants. Of course, there is the original language out of which the name resonates. All these aspects can present interesting appraisals of a person’s name.

There are books for naming babies. In stationery and book stores, there are bookmarks or inspirational cards extolling numerous names. Even holiday ornaments are decorated with names. So names are important monikers that have special meaning for just about everyone.

Product lines and businesses trademark and register their names. Copyrights can play some role in protecting some. Some religious belief systems require special naming patterns to emulate holy persons or saints. And then there are names no one likes because they give us the willies. These sad names are downers and are used to discredit and inflict hurt upon those whom are called such unfortunate names.

And that’s what this is all about: calling others derogatory names. Did you ever stop to think about what goes into that type of name calling? It’s not necessarily the language used or the alphabetical structure of the word as much as it involves the venom of dislike, hate, revenge, and any numerous feelings of ill will that are being expressed in name calling. Radio and TV shock-jocks are infamous for this type of “entertainment.”

Even though some have been taken to task for it, they seem to flourish as being “cool.”

Political debates often spawn new names for candidates. Nations presidents rant and rave while addressing assemblies at the United Nations. Others pontificate from their home turf with such “endearments” as “satan.” If you stop and think about this name calling at supposedly “high” levels of government, doesn’t it all sound somewhat childish? Like kids playing in the sandbox and kicking sand into each other’s faces?

Pejorative name calling is not about identifying another individual. It’s really about letting others know how really stupid the name caller is. Oh, yeah! He/she may have been to college and have a graduate degree but that doesn’t mean that he/she has smarts. When one person stoops to call another person a derogatory name or wish another person badness, then what that person doesn’t know is that he/she is wishing the very same thing upon him- or herself! In addition, the person calling names or wishing ill will is putting out into the ethers negative energy that will surround him or her in ways that are yet to be understood by most people who are not thinking about names from a spiritual aspect.

Since we are what we think and believe, then we ought to review the words that come from our mouths, especially those that are meant to hurt others. We have to regard words as lethal weapons similar to bullets or poisoned arrows that are pointed at targets that are alive and who, in turn, can spawn their own barrage of ill will.

So the next time we are tempted to bad mouth or call someone a name, stop, think, and engage your higher self to disengage the temptation to fire off verbal lethal weapons. Maybe we can make the world a better place one word at a time.