When the Public Trust Withdraws ...

The BBC reports that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said there was a plot to kill him during a trip he took to Iraq in March. “Mr Ahmadinejad inferred that the United States and its allies were behind the alleged plot to kidnap and kill him. The president made the comment during a meeting with clerics in the Iranian city of Qom. He said his country’s “enemies” had their plan foiled by last minute changes that were made to his schedule.

During the two-day visit, President Ahmadinejad cancelled a scheduled trip to the cities of Najaf and Karbala, citing security reasons. An American spokesman in Iraq said the United States was unaware of any threats to the president’s life”.

It could be true

The problem is that the US’ credibility has evaporated. ‘All options on the table’ includes assassination. Ten years ago we would have believed such tactics of Russia or South American Republics, bit not of the US. Now we just don’t know anymore. It could be true, it could be propaganda. We just don’t know. Too much has happened. We don’t know anymore what to believe when the US makes official statements.

This goes equally for 9/11. Was the US government itself involved, or in the know? It could be. We just don’t know. When credibility is gone, it’s like the soul has withdrawn. It’s going to take years of hard work to gain back the public’s trust, if the US is even interested in that. Kucinich came too late with his impeachment motion against George Bush. And unfortunately, Congress was too compromised itself, so it was swept off the table.

In the video selected for this article US Senator Joe Biden voices his opinion about America’s lack of credibility in the world. He is honest, open and blunt.