Youth center ‘Jong Bonaire’

Every day after school there is a place for teens to go on Bonaire to get help with their homework and to join in activities for fun and for their future. That place is Jong Bonaire, located near the high school and staffed with professional activity leaders to insure that the teens have a safe, supportive place to spend their afternoons.

At Jong Bonaire teens can learn to use computers and the Internet, learn to scuba dive or to cook or how to care for children and old people. They can participate in sports, music, culture, arts and crafts or any of almost 20 other activities. Some-times there are trips to the beach, or bicycle trips, or camping activities. There are song festivals and a number of different competitions designed to help the teens feel confident and develop their talents.

The programs are often based on helping the teens decide how to plan their future education or life work by exposing them to a variety of opportunities and possibilities. With the various activities they can uncover their own talents, skills and interests.

The youth center Jong Bonaire has been in operation since 1999 and receives funding from the Island Government, the Dutch government (via AMFO and USONA) and many independent donors and businesses. Membership fees are kept very low and if a family cannot afford it, sponsors will be found to cover the cost. The goal is to make sure that all teens that want to be members have the opportunity.

Donations are always needed to help cover the cost of those who cannot pay. So any individual or business that would like to sponsor one or more members can contact the voorzitter Rene Hakkenberg or can contact the office at 717-4303 and ask for Seeta.

Jong Bonaire’s 2007 Progress Report has been posted on our website. It covers not only the programs and activities for 2007 but also some of the results the youth center has had.