Court Cases / Fifteenth GMS Court Case

APA Construction vs Minister Social Affairs

‚ÄčThis is the second case brought recently with respect to Work-accident Social Security Insurance. Employers and workers both contribute premiums to fund this Work-Accident Social Security Insurance. It appears that the Ministry of Social Affairs is trying to minimize cost of the Work-accident Social Security Insurance by refusing to recognize Work-accidents and treating them instead as Sickness-events. The Sickness Social Security is much cheaper for the Ministry than the Work-accident Insurance Scheme. So it appears the Ministry is trying to save costs at the expense of the rights that injured workers are entitled to based on the Work-accident Social Security Insurance. If this is indeed going on, it should be stopped immediately. That is the objective of this case.

Case Files
1. Petition to Court in First Instance with all exhibits Download
2. Memorandum of Oral Pleading Download
3. Judgment of Court in First Instance Download