Court Cases / Seventeenth GMS Court Case

Koeks vs. Fundashon Cas Bonairiano (FCB)

Diodorus Siculus said: ‘It is absurd to entrust the defense
of a country to people who own nothing in it’
. He was referring
to slaves. We grant that ‘wage-slavery’ was a very important
step forward in the social development of society. BUT it still
leaves the great majority of mankind completely dependent
on their employers, who to a very great extent still rule their
lives from cradle to grave. Wage-slavery is neither real freedom
nor real equality. And people who own something become better
and more responsible citizens, for they’ve got something to lose.

It is therefore very important to empower those who are
dependent for their housing on others (like Mr. Koeks) by
helping them to at least own their own home. When they lose
their job, at least they don’t lose their home too! It is
therefore very reasonable and just to require of the Housing
Foundation FCB to sell completely depreciated houses to the
renters at preferential prices. This way the FCB can
promote private home-ownership instead of milking rent
from the renters during their entire lives.

We publish the case as of the appeal stage.

Case Files
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