Court Cases / Tenth GMS Court Case

ASOTEKO vs. Bonaire Government


There is a virus in the way the Bonaire government grants parcels
of land-lease to citizens. This virus must have affected the government at
least since 1965. This virus is called ‘corruption’. This case aims to root out
this virus in so far as it concerns the granting of land-lease to natural
persons for the purpose of building a personal home thereon. The problem with
respect to the granting of land-lease for commercial purposes is more
complicated and will not be dealt with in this lawsuit. The set-up of the case
is simple. The Court is petitioned to order the government to grant a parcel of
land-lease to the three directors of the Association ‘ASOTEKO’ within three months
as of the date the Court will have ruled in this case. They have been waiting
for a parcel from 5 to 10 years. If the case is successful, this will set a
precedent, which will force the government to handle citizens’ petitions for land-lease
expeditiously, or else the Court will be flooded with similar cases.

Case Files
1. 1. Petition to Court in First Instance Bonaire Download
2. 2. Exhibits to Petition in First Instance Download
3. Replication Download
4. Judgement in First Instance Download