Court Cases / Thirteenth GMS Court Case

Perea vs. Immigration and Minister of Social Affairs

The most shocking part of this case (i.e. the one against Immigration)
is where the Court completely ignores all complaints about human rights
violations. In doing so the Court basically reverts back to the time
when there were no human rights, i.e. before the French Revolution.
This is a severely dangerous trend. And if this is done to immigrants,
it may also be done to national citizens. For, after all, the bad treatment
of one human will lead to the bad treatment of another regardless of
nationality. Discrimination against foreigners will lead to discrimination
against national citizens.

Case Files
1. Petition Pro Forma First Instance vs. Immigration Download
2. Supplement to Pro Forma Petition Download
3. Memorandum Court Hearing First Instance Download
4. Judgment First Instance vs, Immigration Download
5. Appeal Petition vs. Immigration with Exhibits Download
6. Petition First Instance vs. Minister Social Affairs Download
7. Memorandum Court Hearing First Instance vs Min. Social Affairs Download
8. Judgment First Instance vs Min. of Social Affairs Download
9. Appeal Petition vs. Min. of Social Affairs with Exhibits Download
10. Memorandum of Oral Pleading Download
11. Judgment on Appeal Download
12. Related Judgment on Appeal Download